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Feel free to call us with questions. TEL 090-6557-0724 Buy Japanese namako (sea cucumbers), anago (conger eels), octopus and abalone directly from the fishermen.
About Our ShipsWe have four ships that support our work and our lives.

Daiyumaru #5

Daiyumaru #10
Daiyumaru #5 and Daiyumaru #10

Namako Fishing

Weight 4.4t Width 2.79m
Length 11.10m Powe 90HP

These boats are used for namako diving from December through April.Six fishermen work hard on these boats from the crack of dawn until noon.
My father-in-law steers the boat, and I dive.
Diving is very dangerous work. We promote safe diving by stringing a communication device down to the divers and communicating with them while they are underwater.
My father-and-law and I have worked together through more than 25 freezing winters. We can also enjoy boat fishing since we have leisure fishing licenses.

Daiyumaru #11
Daiyumaru #11

Boat Fishing

Weight 4.9t Width 2.76m
Length 11.76m Power 90HP

We employ this boat only for boat fishing. About 20 people can ride on this boat at one time, and it is available for renting out.

Welcome to Daiyumaru, the family fish store! Try our best fresh, locally-caught anago!

We are wholesalers of fresh, locally-caught anago, Akashi octopus, namako, abalone, and more!
We sell safe, quality products that we receive directly from fishermen.
We welcome questions from importers, exporters and wholesalers inside and outside of Japan.

Daiyumaru Fresh Fish
Kobe City Fisheries Cooperative Association

Meimai Center Building, 1st Floor, 1-16-2, Kariguchidai, Tarumi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, 655-0049, Japan
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H.P : 090-6557-0724
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Feel free to call us with questions. 078-782-0046